New 007



Finally some photos. I took some down in Florida while on vacation. I also took some photos of my car infront of my grandpa's old service station (the lighting wasn't too great though). The evolution of the site continues.



4,700 Mazdas onboard. 70% Mazda3s. from reading the reports it sounds like it might have been caused by human error. i wonder what the cars look like. probably a mess. maybe they can at least use them for parts.


brain age

i bought this game yesterday. it has a bunch of puzzles and tasks that exercise your brain. it's a lot of fun. right now my 'brain age' is 54; 20 being the best and 80 being the worst.

here's the commercial:


return to the web

illmeltaway.com is back up. but pretty much completely new. so version 2.

the idea for what the site will become is still evolving in my head but i thought i should at least get something up now. a friend at work today asked if my site was down or if her computer was broke.

as i get time, the site will gain more content and become more polished.

good times.



this is a test post